Waterlat-Gobacit X Reunión flyer
Waterlat-Gobacit X Reunión flyer

The tenth international meeting of the Waterlat-Gobacit Network took place in October 2019 and was attended by several of our Colombian colleagues. The thematic focus of the meeting was "struggles over water: intersections of class, gender, and ethnicity."

The unequal and unjust politics and management of water is a result of a historical  and structural inequalities, among them, particularly class, gender, and ethnic inequalities. Undemocratic and authoritarian forms of government increase these inequalities which are evident in access to water and land, participation on water bodies at different levels, asymmetric impacts of disaster, and the marginalisation and criminalisation of heterogeneous voices that defend the right to water and life.

The Waterlat-Gobacit X Reunión bought together these voices - indigenous communities, social movements, and academic communities - to promote non-mercantile, community based, and ecologically sustainable solutions to water security.

You can read the full Declaration of the Network and our colleagues' report below.


Meeting report

Meeting declaration

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