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Newsletter February 2021

The second newsletter from the GCRF Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub

19 February 2021

hands scooping up water from a pipe
hands scooping up water from a pipe

Like so many organisations around the world, our plans for 2020 were disrupted by the impact of COVID-19. Our entire Hub team responded and adapted to working in a global pandemic incredibly well, not only maintaining positivity and momentum throughout the uncertainty, but also reorienting aspects of our research programme to contribute towards tackling the pandemic! 

We had planned to bring our global team together in Colombia in November for our Hub assembly, but instead found ourselves hosting the event virtually. Despite being physically far apart, we were still able to come together for a fantastic event, and one of the advantages was that everyone was able to participate, with all sessions reaching over 120 people! We’ve got some great clips and insights to share with you from the event. 

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