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"Nature-based solutions are an innovative strategy for solving various environmental problems."

Our Colombia Collaboratory is exploring the feasibility, effectiveness, and sustainability of nature-based solutions (NBS) in the context of a tropical, developing country. NBS that are well implemented can easily be integrated into specific socio-ecological settings and solve not only aquatic pollution issues, but also a range of related problems. Most importantly, NBS can offer ways to build resilience throughout the water-food-energy nexus in the wake of climate change, supporting transitions to greener and more sustainable solutions. 

Recently the Colombia team delivered a nature-based solutions diploma course. The course aim was to link different stakeholders from the departments of Valle and Cauca whilst also identifying specific problems of the regions, for example, water pollution, or drinking water treatment systems. Attendees included representatives from territorial entities and community organisations, bringing together multiple representatives, knowledge, and practises, to enhance course sessions and discussions. 

"The course was a truly enriching experience that helped us open our eyes and minds to other alternatives" ~ Johana Ordoñez, Fundación Procuenca Río Las Piedras y Acueducto de Popayán (Las Piedras River Basin Foundation)

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