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Malaysia - An overview of the challenges faced

Our Early Career Network team in Malaysia explain the challenges faced in the Johor River Basin

03 February 2021

The Johor River is an important source of drinking water for both Johor and Singapore. Home to many communities, a wide variety of activities takes place along the river and within the basin, including palm oil plantation, livestock and fish farming, and sand mining.

The main issues faced within the river basin are both a shortage of water and water pollution. Over recent years the water quality has gradually deteriorated, affecting thousands of people, with climate change also exacerbating the situation.  

The Malaysia Collaboratory’s main focus is to aid the government in better management of the Basin, establishing a river basin authority. Alongside this, the team hopes to empower the communities within the basin with knowledge to enable them to make decisions on water access, use and management.

Look through this video at some of the research work carried out by the team so far, while they work towards providing a solution for the declining of water quality in the Johor River Basin.

“We hope to make this a better place for everybody over the next few years.”

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