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Climate change and adaptation: A spotlight on India

Part of the Water Security Hub climate change webinar series

11 October 2021

Climate change and adaptation have a crucial role in informing the Hub’s focus and research. The Earth is warming, rainfall patterns are changing, sea levels are rising, and heatwaves, floods, droughts, and fires are becoming more frequent. The impacts of the global climate emergency are already clear, and a large part of our work is focused on adaptation and resilience for climate change.

A spotlight on India: Session 1

Chaired by Professor Ashvin Gosain, our India Collaboratory Co-Lead and Co-Principal Investigator for IIT Delhi, the second instalment of our climate change and water security webinar series provides a detailed overview of climate change impacts in India. Divided into two sessions consisting of four spotlight presentations and a panel discussion session with leading experts in their fields, this webinar demonstrates the importance of critically evaluating numerous aspects of climate change.

In the first session, Professor Somnath B Roy (IIT Delhi), Professor Pramod Aggarwal (CGIAR CCAFS), Professor Vimal Mishra (IIT Gandhinagar), and Professor N H Ravindranath (IISc Bangalore) share presentations on four topics: carbon cycles in India; climate risks in agriculture and food security; climate change impacts on water cycles and water demand; and adaptation measures to reduce biodiversity loss.

A spotlight on India: Session 2

In the second session Professor Krishna A Rao (IIT Delhi), Professor Arpita Mondal (IIT Bombay), Professor Sharad Jain (IIT Roorkee), and Professor Amit Garg (IIM Ahmedabad) answer key questions on: climate models; gaps between research, policy, and governance; understanding the interactions between sectors and systems; and planning good adaptation measures for the water sector.

With water resources closely linked to changes in the climate, and both increasing populations and climate impacts projected to affect water quality and availability, it is essential that we arrive at appropriate and sustainable climate change adaptation options and find the best ways forward as quickly as possible.

Host: Professor Ashvin Gosain

Moderators: Professor Dhanya C T, Dr Prabhakar Shukla, Dinesh Kumar

Speakers (presentations): Professor Somnath B Roy, Professor Pramod Aggarwal, Professor Vimal Mishra, Professor N H Ravindranath

Panellists: Professor Amit Garg, Professor Krishna A Rao, Professor Sharad Jain, Professor Arpita Mondal

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