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The Hub is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our research programme.

The Hub is a global project working towards sustainably water security and contributing towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability is at the core of our research and operations. With an international team of over 100 members and nearly 50 global partners, the Hub has a responsibility to seriously consider our environmental footprint and actively improve our environmental performance. 

We recognise the numerous impacts that the Hub’s activities have on the environment, from carbon to water, energy to waste. We seek to develop creative solutions to respond to this impact and are working to track, offset, and reduce our footprints. 

The Barapullah drain or Nizammuddin darya in Delhi
The Barapullah drain or Nizammuddin darya in Delhi

Postive action

Some of our practical solutions include:

  • Holding webinars and using web-based communication tools that reduce the need to meet in person, while acknowledging the water-data-energy nexus.
  • Where possible, using public transport in-country.
  • Where overseas travel is necessary, aligning face-to-face meetings with fieldwork and other research opportunities to make best use of the journeys.
  • Using recycled materials to produce branded material.
  • Providing all Hub members with reusable water bottles and, where possible, replacing individual single-use bottles with water refill stations.
  • Combining carbon offsetting with community engagement and school education.
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